Gorgeous Australian model and face of Nude by Nature Elyse Taylor is back in Sydney this week for the exciting launch of our brand new 100% natural Lip Collection.

Elyse has been part of the Nude by Nature family for the past three years, and although she lives in New York these days, she loves nothing more than heading home to Sydney, and epitomises the all natural, outdoor loving, family oriented, down-to-earth Aussie woman.

Elyse Taylor

We sat down with Elyse whilst she was in Sydney, and caught up on her modelling career, family, favourite beauty essentials, and what she’s got coming up in the next few months.

Nude by Nature (NBN): Welcome back to Sydney! It’s lovely to have you here in the office. Let’s start with a bit of background on Elyse Taylor. How did you start modelling?

Elyse: My girlfriend was already modelling, and I thought, ‘we look the same’. I was working at a bakery, and wasn’t super excited about doing that. She eventually took me in to her agency - a bit reluctantly I think! And, that was 13 years ago.

NBN: How old were you?

Elyse: 17. Quite late for modelling.

NBN: Actually probably good. Because it meant that you weren’t super young.

Elyse: Yes. I think it was good to stay in school for as long as possible. It’s a bit tough on girls who are over exposed at a young age.

NBN: Back in the day in Australia it was all about the Dolly Covergirl shoots.

Elyse: It was! I remember Dolly.

NBN: And now to think that the Dolly and Cleo magazines are no longer! It’s quite sad.

Elyse: Yeah, it’s crazy.

Elyse Taylor

NBN: When you were in your teens, what did you see yourself doing when you were in your 20’s?

Elyse: Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was going to do. I wasn’t doing that great at school, and I kind of just fell into this, and it took me to New York. I got to travel around the world, and make amounts of money that no girl at that age would dream of making, and I got to meet creative people. I’m 31 years old now, and back when I started I thought I was so over the hill, and wouldn’t still be working (at this age). My career has had this nice longevity, and I’m still able to come back to Australia. I love supporting Australian brands, and it means a lot to come back to my home.

NBN: Are you from Sydney originally?

Elyse: Yeah, I’m from Sydney.

NBN: Where did you grow up?

Elyse: Maroubra.

NBN: For you, coming back to Sydney - do you have places you have to visit? Like, you have to have a coffee at this place, or for example somewhere you go for a walk?

Elyse: Not so much places. It’s more about my friends. I live in New York and you meet people, but, I don’t have a lot of close friendships there, so when I come to Sydney I usually stay with my girlfriend, her husband, and children. We have kids the same age also so I don’t miss my kid so much because I’m obsessing over her kids. I have two or three friends that I make sure I see every time.

NBN: So whatever you’re doing it’s quick catch-ups with friends, and I guess grabbing any kind of moment that you can?

Elyse: Totally.

Elyse Taylor

NBN: You live in New York; it’s such a vibrant, busy city. Do you have some favourite places, or villages within New York that you love to spend time in?

Elyse: It’s constantly changing because my life has changed so much in the past five years. These days, after having my daughter, it’s more playground, parks - kid oriented versus you know brunches, and things like that. My boyfriend and I, we do adult things every other weekend! So, it’s more that we’ll check out museums, go see some shows but mostly parks, get her out in nature because we do live in New York, and it’s so huge! It’s more that kind of thing now.

NBN: Do you feel that your daughter has a strong connection back to Australia?

Elyse: She does, and she doesn’t. My Mum is very Australian, and she comes over a lot. She knows that we have to get on an aeroplane to go to Australia, but she hasn’t been back here for about two years now because the travel is just too much. I’m never here for a long stint of time. She does says ‘cozzie’! She says ‘get my cozzies with the blockout, Mum. Or get the doona’. She does have a little American accent. I can’t fight it. It’s inevitable. I tried!

NBN: When you think about Nude by Nature - what are some of your favourite products?

Elyse: For me, I’ve always really loved the Natural Mineral Cover because it’s so easy to use, and I like to not wear a lot of make-up so it gives me that natural bronzed glow. I’ve very into the Moisture Shine Lipstick in garnet now too. It’s a favourite because you can apply it with just one quick sweep, and it’s not super heavy. I like feeling that I’m not wearing a lot of make-up. Plus, I love the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in champagne. It’s so easy to use!

NBN: You’re right. The Natural Mineral Cover is really easy to apply. It always feels so good on the skin! Do you have any favourite beauty hacks?

Elyse: I always put my face mask sheets in the fridge. Then, if I’m on a long shoot, and it’s a long day, especially outside, or castings and meetings - I’ll put on a primer so my make-up stays, because with the heat, things can start moving in different directions.

Elyse Taylor

NBN: When you’re travelling - what sorts of products do you find yourself taking on the plane, especially on long haul flights like New York to Sydney?

Elyse: I’ll take a sheet mask, and the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick, and maybe some BB cream like the Sheer Glow BB Cream. Sometimes, when I come home there’s people taking pictures, and sometimes there’s not. It’s always when I don’t take anything there’s someone taking a picture, and really I’m a nobody! Also, drinking a lot of water because everything in that air and the altitude just dries you up, and you look like a raisin.

NBN: Water is so important! Any secret ways to get over jet-lag?

Elyse: I don’t have that secret! Redbull, Berocca! I’ve been awake for 12 hours already now.

NBN: Do you think at a certain time today that you’ll just flake, or will you just push through?

Elyse: No, you push through. I’ll have to go to the gym at some point too, and I have to go before I tip. I find it worse going to London. Because I’ll do a full 24 hours without sleeping. You leave at 11am, and get there at 11pm, and you’re awake, and then I have work at 5am, so I end up not sleeping and it gets a little weird the next afternoon. You just push through, and then sleep when you can.

NBN: When you are doing shoots, you have to get there at 5 in the morning?

Elyse: Yeah, and it’s your job. I have to look a certain way, be in shape, and really my job is not incredibly difficult. I’m not on a construction site. You can pull it together, and you can be professional, and then you can sleep after.

Elyse Taylor

NBN: Of the most recent fashion collabs that you’ve done, what are the ones that you’ve loved the most?

Elyse: Probably the ones where I get to form real relationships with the brands. I loved working with Victoria’s Secret for six years. I love coming home, working with the teams at Vogue, and my Nude by Nature relationships. I know all the photographers in Australia, plus hair and make-up so to me it’s really nice to come home, and spend time here and reconnect. That’s important to me. I’m still in contact with everyone at Victoria’s Secret.

NBN: When it comes to Victoria’s Secret, and walking that famous catwalk; the imagery that comes through is insane. How far in advance do you know that you’re doing the fashion show?

Elyse: A month before. You’ll do the casting, and then you’ll find out a month before. My favourite was the swim shoots though. We would go to St Barts, or Turks and Caicos, and then we would have 3-4 days as a family; shooting, eating together. It was fun, and then we’d have wrap parties.

NBN: It’s such an iconic brand, let alone the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! What’s coming up in the next few months? Are you going on any holidays?

Elyse: I’ve got two weddings in Europe, and my boyfriend and I are taking two weeks off. We’re going to Tel Aviv, Ibiza and Italy, and then home.

NBN: Everybody is in Italy right now!

Elyse: I know! It’s crazy, right. I’m excited that we get that time together, and I have time with my daughter before the trip and after the trip. It’s great.

NBN: Final question. Any words of wisdom for anyone starting out in the modelling world?

Elyse: For me, I think no matter what age you are, you really need to treat it as a business. Some people can get quite ahead of themselves, they believe the hype, and get very caught up in the noise around them. You really need to be professional, treat it as a business, and know that you are replaceable. It is a very competitive industry. Stay in shape, keep your head on, and the sky’s the limit. If you can do that then there is longevity to be had.

 Elyse Taylor

Images courtesy of @elysetaylor 



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