National Tree Day was started by Planet Ark in 1996 as an initiative to encourage the community to reconnect with nature and build a better future for the next generation. Since then, it has contributed to the planting of over 23 million new plants, making it the largest community nature care event in Australia.

This Friday the 28th July on National Tree Day, by planting a tree, being conscious of our carbon footprint or by simply going outside to reconnect and care for nature – here is the impact you can have on the environment:

  • Clean the air: Planet Ark refer to trees as the ‘lungs of our planet’ due to the way they naturally absorb pollutants and filter new and fresh air for us to breathe.
  • Climate Change: Excess carbon in the atmosphere contributes to climate change. Trees and plants are known to have carbon storing properties while releasing the fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere.
  • Biodiversity: By getting together with your local community, school or workplace to plant a tree this National Tree Day, you are creating the opportunity for community diversity and interaction that brings people of all ages, cultures and gender together.
  • Create Homes: Trees and plants provide humans with shade and wildlife with a home. Particularly in urban areas, trees provide shelter and a place of inhabitance for species such as birds and squirrels.
  • Create Beautiful Streets: As the seasons change, so do our trees. This creates a natural ambience for urban streets and open areas full of trees which adds character through the transition of seasons. Each tree also has their unique and native traits that can add colour and shape to even the dullest of areas.

How You Can Help

Bring a Tree Home

If you’re at home this National Tree Day, you can help by planting a tree in your backyard, balcony garden or indoor terrarium. We recommend choosing a plant with care instructions that suit your lifestyle and the area in your home you would like to nurture your plant. Once you have planted your new shrub, make sure to register your activity with Planet Ark.

Trees At Work

Having natural features and plants around the office not only adds life to the office, it also reduces airborne bacteria but it has been proven to increase workplace productivity. Here are some ways you can bring nature indoors in your workplace:

  • Introduce a vertical garden or indoor pot plants
  • Host a plant giveaway for people to take home or to their desks
  • Encourage staff to bring in their own plants from home
  • Host a social outdoor lunch or staff meeting in the garden or park
  • Organise a morning or afternoon tea inviting staff to bring along nature-themed treats or to make a donation to Planet Ark
  • Hold a green mufti day and ask staff to wear green clothing or accessories to work and make a donation to Planet Ark
  • Hold a native plant sale for staff and other people in the building
  • Rearrange desks or offices so that staff can see the outside world from their workstation
  • Host a raffle to raise money for Planet Ark
  • Simply send a staff email to encourage others to get involved in National Tree Day
  • Add the National Tree Day banner to your email signature, website or social media channels

Volunteer At a Local Tree Day Site

There are public Tree Day sites that take place over the weekend, to find one near you simply talk to your local Landcare Greening Australia or Conservation Volunteers Group or council to see how you can participate.

Otherwise, you can always volunteer at the local school’s Tree Day site to give back to the community.

To find out more about how to get involved with your community on National Tree Day, visit the Tree Day Planet Ark website or download your Tree Day Getting Started Guides here.



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