Eyebrows are said to be one of our most prominent facial features, and when done right, they help to shape the face, make the eyes seem larger and show emotion.

You’ll find many different types of brow products to buy, each offering the chance to create different looks; such as a natural, sculpted or bold brow. When selecting a brow make-up product, it’s important to think about what suits your eyebrows, and the look that you want to create. One of our top tips is to not use too much make-up. Looking like a clown is never the aim of the brow game!

Perfect Brows, Naturally

Here at Nude by Nature, we’ve just launched a brand new Brow Collection to help you create picture perfect brows. The Brow Collection includes three versatile products to define, sculpt and shape eyebrows.

Discover more about the Brow Collection below:

Defining Brow Pencil: This soft, creamy pencil is enriched with natural ingredients including Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba and Mango Seed Oil. The long wearing, buildable formula glides on smoothly and is easy to blend with an integrated spoolie brush. Discover more here

Defining Brow Pencil

Natural Definition Brow Palette: This versatile brow palette has been created to enhance and achieve gorgeous, sculpted brows. It includes two brow powders, as well as a highlight shade to accentuate the brows. The travel size palette comes with a double ended brush and mirror, making it perfect for on the go make-up touch ups. Discover more here

Natural Definition Eye Palette

Precision Brow Mascara: Instantly and effortlessly shape and add colour with the lightweight Precision Brow Mascara. The buildable formula dries quickly, and is composed of natural ingredients including Lilly Pilly, Pro Vitamin B5 and Candelilla Wax. Discover more here

Precision Brow Mascara

Now it’s time to create a couple of brow looks!

First up is a Natural Brow. Check out our step by step tutorial below using the Precision Brow Mascara

Natural Brow Look - Before & After

Step 1: Brush lightly through hairs in an upward motion using short, controlled strokes.

Natural Brow Look - Step 1

Step 2: Repeat to build coverage and hold as required.

Natural Brow Look - Step 2

Step 3: Give a final brush through using the tip of the brush and following the shape of the brow to instantly shape for natural definition.

Natural Brow Look - Step 3

You may prefer instead to create a Sculpted Brow. Create the look with our Natural Definition Brow Palette. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Using the angled end of the small brush, draw a soft line to define the underneath of the brow to create definition and help shape the brow. Start from the inside corner to the arch and down the tail.

Sculpted Brow Look - Step 1

Step 2: Apply powder to the brows in small strokes to mimic natural looking hairs. Repeat to build coverage as required to achieve filled and groomed brows. The two brow powder shades, can be used alone or blended together for a perfect customised colour.

Sculpted Brow Look - Step 2

Step 3: To blend, brush through brows with the spoolie end of the small brush following the shape of the brow.

Sculpted Brow Look - Step 3

Step 4: Finish the look with the luminous highlight shade, apply on the brow bone using the Smudge Brush to further brighten and accentuate the brows.

Sculpted Brow Look - Step 4

The final brow step by step tutorial is a Bold Brow, created using the Defining Brow Pencil. Follow the steps below to create the look:

Bold Brow - Before & After

Step 1: Hold the pencil up to the eye as a guide and use the sharpened tip to faintly mark the three key points of your brow; start, arch and end.

Bold Brow - Step 1

Step 2: Apply pencil directly to the brows in small, feathery strokes to mimic natural looking hairs. Create a natural outline, and then fill in and build coverage as required to create perfectly filled and defined brows.

Bold Brow - Step 2

Step 3: To blend, brush through brows with the pencil’s spoolie end, following the shape of the brow.

Bold Brow - Step 3

Let us know, what’s your favourite brow look?



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