In the past five years, the interest and awareness about what cruelty-free make-up means, and therefore which cosmetics brands are certified cruelty-free has grown significantly. This has been reported and discussed globally.

Amanda Nordstrom, Company Liaison for PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program, said earlier this year: "In the U.S. alone...a recent poll to our subscribers showed that 96 per cent of respondents are more likely to purchase products that display a cruelty-free logo on its label than a product that isn’t clearly labeled.”*

In Australia a Roy Morgan study published in early 2017 found that 46% of Australian women who use cosmetics nominated ‘Not tested on animals’ as an important reason for their own make-up purchase selection, which was up from 41% in an earlier 2012 study. The ‘Not tested on animals’ feature rated third for this question in the study, above SPF.#

Nude by Nature - Cruelty-Free Make-up

Have you already been wondering if your make-up is harming animals?

When it comes to the definition about what cruelty-free means in terms of cosmetics and make-up products, it is defined as when there is no form of animal testing or exploitation at any point in the creation of a brand’s products.

The type of animal testing that does still occur includes trialing a finished product or specific ingredients of a finished product on animals, such as rabbits, dogs, cats and mice. With scientific methods improving every day, animal testing alternatives are stronger than ever. There are a range of alternative testing methods available that are often considered more reliable and efficient than animal tests.

In Australia, consumer advocacy group Choice recommend looking for independent third party certification on make-up products you are considering purchasing. Three such organisations are PETA, Choose Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny.

Nude by Nature - Cruelty-free Make-up

Nude by Nature is officially cruelty-free accredited by PETA. Formally accredited brands must adhere to specific development and distribution criteria, and must also pass strict review and approval processes to prove their cruelty-free commitment and become acknowledged as genuine cruelty-free advocates.

Another point that Choice made is that not all cruelty-free logos shown on products actually are official. Their advice is to look for an official third party logo, and Choice provided the below guide to use:

Choice - Cruelty-Free Logos

Source: Choice

For us here at Nude by Nature, we are extremely proud of our PETA cruelty-free accreditation and encourage consumers to educate themselves about the cosmetics that they are buying. This includes understanding whether brands are cruelty-free accredited; therefore supporting an end to animal testing practices.

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Nude by Nature - Cruelty-free Make-up

*Plant Based News 
#Roy Morgan




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