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Top 6 Benefits Of Our Mineral Powder Foundations

Make-up foundation comes in many different forms. The most common include liquid, stick, cream, BB cream, cushion cream, and a powder (mineral, loose or pressed) foundation. No wonder selecting the...

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What is Cruelty-free Make-up?

In the past five years, the interest and awareness about what cruelty-free make-up means, and therefore which cosmetics brands are certified cruelty-free has grown significantly. This has been reported and...

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Have you ever stopped, and really thought about what’s in the make-up you use? We think about the food we’re putting into our bodies, or the skincare products that we’re...

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Valeria Lipovetsky is a well known content creator, model and holistic nutritionist, based in Canada. She is known for her down-to-earth, inspirational and fun personality, regularly featuring snippets from her life and...

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The Top 5 Benefits of Make-up Concealer

The ever trusty, multi-purpose concealer. Oh, how we love thee. Whether it’s the everyday make-up bag or travel kit, concealer is a beauty essential that we have with us 24/7....

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How To Discover Your Foundation Match

Deciding on a new foundation product to buy can be tricky sometimes. The decision can leave us feeling totally lost. Today there are so many choices for us to think...

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How to Create a Glowing Make-up Look

The glowing make-up look. It’s one the majority of us like to create - healthy looking, radiant and natural make-up. This favourite make-up look suits many different occasions; whether it's...

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Why Use Make-up Primers?

Ever wondered if make-up primer is worth buying, or why people use it? You’re not the only one! In the past five years, we’ve seen conversations about make-up primer grow,...

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