Max May Nude by Nature Make-up Ambassador

Nourish, even and conceal for a 100% natural complexion. Introducing the NEW Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation and Perfecting Concealer, now in luxe rose gold packaging.

A sheer liquid foundation with the lightest of touch to even complexion and a creamy liquid concealer that instantly covers dark circles and disguises puffiness and imperfections.

Good for you, versatile and adaptable coverage for an even, natural complexion.

To celebrate our latest launch we caught up with our Make-up Ambassador, Max May, to hear his thoughts and learn a few application tips. Read our conversation below.

Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation and Perfecting Concealer

Nude by Nature: What do you like most about the Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation?

Max: There’s a few things that I like the most. I love the finish. It’s luminous. It just really highlights skin beautifully, I can still see skin texture, I love that it has some flexibility in the coverage and how I choose to use it so if I need more coverage I can, I can build it. I think there’s a really great selection of colours throughout the range so there’s some yellow and pink tones. As a complete range I think it is super user friendly, it’s a summer or a winter thing. I’m excited to have it in our collection and I think it completes our foundation range. There is something for everybody with this now in the Nude by Nature collection.

Nude by Nature: Have you discovered any application tips that are good and worthwhile sharing?

Max: Yes, with any luminous foundation there are a few different ways that you can apply it to get the best result. I find that when you are blending it out with a brush, you can blend the foundation out, to make it look thinner on the skin or to build coverage there’s more of a dabbing motion to it. I like to finish with my fingers. I think that whether I’m building or blending it out the fingers are going to really warm the product into the skin and really bring out all of those ingredients in the foundation that makes it dewy, luminous and radiant.

Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation

Nude by Nature: Can you think of any looks, or as you’ve already mentioned it’s good for summer or winter - are there any looks that you think would work best with a foundation like this?

Max: If you’re doing a full glam look with either a full smoky eye or a bold lip or together, the Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation is going to make it more young and trans-seasonal and bring those two looks together. If you’re doing a super bronzy look, like a beach look it’s going to look great under that because it’s going to bring out all those beautiful tones in the skin. I think it’s just one of those foundations that you can use it for any look that you’re creating. It’s a great all-rounder foundation. It’s a no make-up look as well, which is great making it an every day look - when you don’t want to make it look like you’re wearing any make-up then this is definitely for that as well because it’s so sheer and it enhances that radiance in the skin.

Nude by Nature: You may have slightly touched on this already - what do you think are the biggest benefits more generally of a light to medium liquid style foundation?

Max: Because it’s a luminous, radiant foundation the light to medium coverage makes sense because you don’t need that extra coverage when you have luminosity already in the foundation. This luminosity reflects light so it’s going to make the skin look more clear and even better, it’s going to let your skin breathe but really we say it’s a light to medium, but really it’s a buildable foundation.

Max May Nude by Nature Make-Up Ambassador

Nude by Nature: The packaging - are you loving the rose gold packaging?

Max: Yeah, it looks sharp, really smart, looks really crisp. Looks great on set. Of course, packaging - it’s so emotive. It’s like when you’re holding something it feels nice and that kind of bounces off the fact that the product works beautifully.

Nude by Nature: We all want a trusty, hardworking concealer especially on those mornings when you’ve got those dodgy, dark circles happening! Do you have any concealer hacks that you can share?

Max: The new Perfecting Concealer is definitely for under eyes, it’s for brightening. I like to apply it with the Concealer Brush and then work it in with my fingers. I think it’s really important to get the concealer to become one with the skin so that you get coverage but it’s not sitting on the skin, it’s not noticeable. I think just conceal where you need to conceal. Don’t overthink it, don’t overwork it. That’s where you’re going to start making work for yourself. Less is always more, and build it as you need it.

Nude by Nature: Is there anywhere that you would never think that someone would use concealer?

Max: The Perfecting Concealer is doing everything for you. If you’ve got a spot or if you need to highlight areas it’s just about choosing the right shade. If I’m covering up discolouration or redness I’m definitely going to choose something that’s a little bit yellow or warmer because those spots are generally around the nose or chin, and you don’t want to go too light because you don’t want to make the skin look ashy. But when I’m coming in under the eyes sometimes I’ll use the same concealer but I’ll use a shade lighter and just dab that around the inner corner area of the eye just to bring a bit of light into it. Also sometimes I’ll put a bit on top of the cheek bone just to lift them up, it’s like a really subtle highlighting effect without using something so luminous When creating that ultimate natural complexion you just don’t want to overwork it.

Perfecting Concealer

Nude by Nature: What are the key reasons to use a liquid concealer versus another format like a stick?

Max: I use a stick concealer for maximum coverage effect and use it more on eyes that are really discoloured so if they’re a heavy green or blue. I get the coverage with that and then come in with the liquid concealer and pop that on top just to bring in a bit of light and dewiness so it doesn’t become too ashy or dirty or thick looking. The liquid will really help brighten up the eyes so ultimately yes the liquid is a little bit sheerer, with a bit more of that dewiness and then the stick is more for coverage, it’s heavier. I think the liquid will give 99% of us the ultimate result anyway.

Nude by Nature: Basic make-up question that you often see people are bemused by, and there’s obviously rules depending upon the foundation that you’re using - to conceal or to conceal after?

Max: I prefer to conceal after because I don’t like to use concealer unnecessarily. First I apply foundation to get coverage that I like, and build it in the areas that I feel need a bit more coverage. I’ll blend it out and let the skin shine through and then I come in with concealer and I get those spots that really need that extra attention, that the foundation is unable to handle and I will conceal them. So definitely for me after.

Nude by Nature: For the looks that you’ve created today with the Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation and the Perfecting Concealer - when it comes to the final completed look, what do you think really stands out?

Max: They both look really dewy and radiant. You can see skin texture in both. They look natural. I’ve really blended the foundation out and I’ve used our liquid Soft Focus Illuminator to bring more light into the look to give me an illusion of coverage rather than actual coverage in the foundation. It looks like I’ve used more but I haven’t it’s just the Illuminator. They would be the two things that really stand out for me.

Fresh Faced Glow Make-up Tutorial with Max May:



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