Deciding on a new foundation product to buy can be tricky sometimes. The decision can leave us feeling totally lost. Today there are so many choices for us to think about. We need to consider coverage, finish and tone. If you’ve ever felt totally confused about what foundation to buy - you’re not the only one!

Flawless Liquid Foundation Powder Foundations

Figuring out the best type of complexion product that suits your lifestyle, skin type, tone and need in terms of occasion is not always easy.

Foundation is also a make-up product we are generally quite considerate about buying. It’s a product we are very loyal to. Unlike for example lipstick, once we’ve found a foundation that really suits us, we don’t always look to change.

Plus complexion products range from providing sheer to full coverage, finishes come in a radiant, natural, dewy or matte finish and you can also select between a liquid, loose powder, stick or cream formula.

If you find all of this a little bamboozling, we’ve got something you’re going to like!

Foundation Finder

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new 

Foundation Finder tool.

It’s a handy tool we’ve created to help you easily uncover which of our cruelty-free, 100% natural foundation products is your recommended match.

In just four quick steps, you’re recommendation is revealed!

Foundation Finder

Discover a shade that’s naturally yours. Click to discover your foundation match with the Foundation Finder here

You’ll be matched with a couple of complexion product options, as well as the suggested shade for you. So if you’re looking for a medium coverage, natural finish and you’re a medium skin tone, you may discover you are recommended with our Liquid Mineral Foundation  and Natural Mineral Cover Foundation, which gives you the choice between a liquid or powder foundation depending on your preference, and the corresponding concealer which would be our Liquid Mineral Concealer.

The tool also provides a couple of ideas for you about what you may like to use to complete your make-up look; such as our face primer, the Airbrush Mineral Primer, the best make-up brush for your foundation recommendation like our Mineral Brush  and a setting powder such as the Mineral Finishing Veil.

Foundation Finder Foundation Finder

So, what are you waiting for?



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