From working at a major financial institution to becoming one of Australia’s favourite lifestyle influencers, Helen Chik has definitely had a busy couple of years. This year alone she has already married, had a baby boy and been on a couple of trips!

Helen Chik

Her biggest social channel is Instagram, where she has forged a loyal audience of followers who enjoy her mix of fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle themed posts - always bright, fun and beautifully shot.

Helen Chik

We had a quick catch up with Helen recently. Check out our interview with her below:

Nude by Nature (NBN): Can you tell us about your career background, how you started your blog, plus writing and social presence.

Helen: I have a double degree in Finance and Actuarial Studies and spent about two years working in banking. It became obvious after a few months that the corporate world wasn’t for me, and I started looking at a passion project to keep my mind stimulated. My first foray into blogging started straight out of high school but it only lasted maybe half a year before I had to drop it and focus on my studies. Fast forward five years and I decided to start it up again and see where it would take me. I love curating content and coming up with concepts for shoots as much as I enjoy writing. It made sense for me to combine it all and start a blog.

NBN: Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone starting out today?

Helen: I think having consistency and a clear style is important. Don’t feel the pressure to be emulating those around you and just start. I say this to everyone, you really have nothing to lose if you try but you stand to lose a lot more if you don’t.

Helen Chik

NBN: Since becoming a Mum earlier this year, has your beauty routine changed? Do you have any time saving hacks when getting ready in the morning?

Helen: Yes! I’d be lucky if I can get through my shower without Jacob squealing for attention. I’ve always got a few key products that I know I have to use to look even half-way presentable for anything I attend. If you have these nutted out then you save yourself the grief of looking at your beauty drawer, and not knowing where to start. So my quick routine is:

  • Prep your skin - serum, facial oil and light moisturiser
  • Prime your skin
  • Then cover up those blemishes with an easy foundation
  • Finish off with some bronzer and highlight

  • NBN: Do you have any favourite Nude by Nature make-up products?

    Helen: That one’s an easy one. The mineral powder foundation and the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick! I love anything that saves me time whilst making me look natural and glowing. All you need is the Natural Mineral Cover and a little highlight and you’re ready to tackle anything.

    Helen Chik

    NBN: You're a massive traveler! Do you have anywhere you suggest going to in the next 12 months?

    Helen: I love South America! Even though it’s been years since I was there - I’ve been dying to head back over there so definitely add that to the list. Peru and Bolivia are my favourites so far, however I’ve only done a few countries!

    NBN: How about you? What’s on your own travel bucket-list?

    Helen: I want to go to South Africa and the Philippines! They are a priority plus I would also like to head back to the US again at some point during their summer to escape our winter.

    Helen Chik

    NBN: Do you have any top tips when it comes to beauty products to take when travelling?

    Helen: I honestly think my beauty products (toiletries included) always take up the most room and weigh the most! I’ve learnt to buy myself a small make-up bag and set myself the challenge to only take make-up that fits into that bag, and no more. I used to pack so much when I travelled thinking that I should because…you never know. Well, I do know now and that’s you never end up using those products, and then you have to lug them around everywhere you go! Stick to the bare essentials is what I suggest because who has the time to go through elaborate beauty routines when they’re travelling? I’d much rather spend that time outside and exploring.

    NBN: When you’re relaxing at home, what’s your favourite social media channel to scroll through?

    Helen: If you had asked me two years ago I would’ve said Instagram but these days I’m on Facebook surprisingly more. However if I really wanted to relax then I’d be off my phone because I spend way too much time glued to it!

    NBN: Can you let us know any of your objectives and plans for 2018?

    Helen: Surviving motherhood and figuring out a balance between everything! I didn’t bother setting myself goals this year because Jacob has thrown my routine out and I just plan on taking each day as it comes.

    Helen Chik



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