We've just announced the appointment of well-known Australian celebrity make-up artist and long-time friend of the brand, Max May as our new Make-up Ambassador. 

Max May and Elyse Taylor

With over 13 years of industry experience, Max has a strong natural alignment with the Nude by Nature make-up approach. As well as working with some of Australia's most loved models, actresses and celebrities, Max has also collaborated with leading fashion publications including HARPER’S BAZAAR Australia, Singapore and China, OYSTER, RUSSH Magazine, ELLE Japan plus GRAZIA Australia, UK and Italy. 

We sat down recently with Max in our Sydney HQ, to talk all things beauty, his professional background and about his relationship with Nude by Nature. Take a read below:

Nude by Nature (NBN): Do you already have any favourite Nude by Nature products, and if so, what are they and why?

Max: I love the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks. They’re always a favourite. I’m also really into the Natural Definition Brow Palette and the Precision Brow Mascara. I like that the head of the mascara is really small, you can back comb, and comb against the grain of the hair, and brush up to really thicken the hair. I feel that for me as a make-up artist, and for a girl - because it is small and it’s easier to use - its less messy. I also really like the Brow Palette. There’s a good array of colour, but it’s also simple. A lot of palettes have 6 or 8 colours. For me as a make-up artist - yes, but for the average girl, what do you use? It becomes too confusing. I’m also a fan of the limited edition Sunkissed Pressed Bronzer. I like the colour density, and that it’s not too shimmery. It’s good for contouring. Bronzing is generally a bit more metallic or sparky. I like to use bronzers that are more contour based, and a little bit more matte, and then you can add illuminators and blusher on top. Plus, the Flawless Concealer - it’s got a good colour range, it’s creamy and buildable.

Max May

NBN: We are celebrating turning 10 years old. Very exciting! Are you able to share a few of your Nude by Nature memories?

Max: The first event that I did with Nude by Nature was for the Pro Make-up Brush Collection launch at Rose Bay. It was my first touch of the brand. Then, the second one was for the Sheer Glow BB Cream launch. We also had the Flawless Collection launch at Catalina. The Flawless Collection had a lot of relevance for me, because I am so skin focused and I have such a passion for foundation, the right coverage, working with your natural skin tone and texture - that kind of whole ‘make-up no make-up look’. The Brush and Flawless launches would be my most memorable moments - other than this - becoming the brand Make-up Ambassador!

Max May

NBN: Are you able to share a bit about your professional background, and how you started out?

Max: I started in hair. I had an eye for cutting my friends hair when I was younger. That built into me starting an apprenticeship. I have a passion for drawing and painting - I love colour and shape, and I guess from a young age I saw things as a painting or a drawing because I had that passion - kind of like a photographer who sees everything in photographs. When I was doing hair, the person that I was working with would do a similar thing to what I do now. I was watching make-up artists work, and that began a passion for make-up and I started experimenting with colour, and assisting, and it went from there. Did I think that I was going to become a hair stylist? No. Did I think that was ever going to become a make-up artist? Absolutely not. I guess it kind of made sense to do what I loved to do as a child, and even still now as a hobby which is to draw and paint. I think it was destiny, maybe.

NBN: Do you still cut hair?

Max: Yeah, sometimes. I cut my hair. I cut my friends, and I cut my Mum’s hair, and I have to cut sometimes on shoots. I always cut hair extensions in and things like that, or when filling or lengthening.

NBN: It is actually very helpful that you understand how that works, and how the two come together.

Max: Yeah, and it’s been the same with make-up as well because I could draw and paint - I understood how to blend and about colours - how they come together.

Max May

NBN: In terms of becoming our Make-up Ambassador - what are you most excited about?

Max: It’s about working with a brand as a whole, and the product launches, with media and that relationship. I quite like the marketing side of things. When I go overseas people look at my stuff, and they know that I’m Australian. They see even from my celebrity work - my high fashion, and advertising - that there’s always an essence of Australia. I feel like Nude by Nature has that feel to it’s brand as well. It’s about glowiness, it’s about skin, and make-up that makes you look good - it’s not about make-up that covers or masks you - it enhances. When I look at the Nude by Nature brand or one of the campaigns, it fits in with my style and what I’m already doing. Those are the things that excite me when I’m working with a brand.

NBN: This is a broader, more beauty related question. What are the top three beauty products you recommend every woman should own?

Max: Three? That’s so hard! 100% eyelash curlers. They’ve always been my number one. They’re the first thing that I use. They open the eyes. They make your lashes look longer. The second is a good concealer. I feel like you can do a whole face sometimes with a concealer! A little bit of concealer underneath your eyes even for a girl that’s a non make-up’y kind of girl makes all the difference. If it’s a good concealer with good coverage and it’s really blendable - you don’t need to wear other make-up. Maybe you could just curl your lashes and put some concealer on. Then, third is blush. I love blush! I feel like blush is the unsung hero of make-up. People talk about dark circles, and they want to cover it with layers of foundation, concealer and powders. They talk about that they don’t have a tan so they want to pack on lots of bronzers and liquid luminisers, or they talk about anti-ageing and putting on luminiser. Blush does all of that. Show me one picture of one campaign, or one celebrity that does not have blush on. You won’t find one. I’m guaranteeing it. If I was a girl they would be the three products that I would have to make my job fast, effective, simple and multi-use.

Max May

NBN: Do you have any easy beauty hacks for the novice to the expert.

Max: Yeah - Blush! Read above!

NBN: So, when you’re not working how do you like to relax. You’ve touched on painting...

Max: Yes, I draw and I paint. I like taking photographs. I have a dog. They’re my things.

Max May

Image courtesy of: Max May

NBN: Off the top of your head, do you have any favourite Instagram accounts that you really like to follow?

Max: My Instagram mixes between work and personal interests. I follow all the brands and I follow things that are related to me and my work. I like to know what’s going on internationally, and here in Australia. I have a very personal relationship with the girls that I look after - who are quite well known - so, I follow them because I like to know what they’re doing and what’s going on. If I was to look on Instagram in my free time I’d be looking at interior design, I get lost for hours. I wanted to be an interior stylist and decorator so I love looking at interior design, or I love looking at furniture. And, PS - funny dog meme accounts! They bring me happiness, and they remove me from reality plus they’re cute. I love animals, and I get very passionate about them. Plus, I follow my friends.  


Welcome to the Nude by Nature family, Max! 



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